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Our publications cover all aspects of the upstream oil and gas industry and are considered the leading source of industry technical applications, issues, and discoveries. Publishing several types of books, magazines, and journals, we deliver the critical information professionals need to succeed.


Features on E&P technology, industry issues, and news about SPE and its member.


Contain articles written for and edited by young E&P professionals.


Oil and Gas Facilities
Focuses on the projects, systems, and technologies of facilities engineering



Search for solutions across a broad range of technical literature covering oil and gas exploration and production in OnePetro, a multi-society library.



Approved by technical experts, our peer-reviewed journals bring you technologies you can use and solutions you can trust.



We publish a wide range of books written by respected experts in the upstream oil and gas industry. Explore available titles and other products at SPE’s online bookstore.



Learn the consensus of subject-matter experts on the technology and challenges facing the E&P industry in critical areas.