Challenges and Solutions in Gas Lift Operation for Mature Oil Field

17 Juni 2015 - 17 Juni 2015
Gas Lift Technology is most common technology in oil field operation. It contributes Low Cost operation and Low maintenance cost, both in offshore & onshore operation. No workover needed, just a simple Slick Line operation to replace the Gas Lift Valve. The gas for articial lift operation comes from gas well and associated gas (oil well), circulated as close system with Gas compressore. In the early production all Gas Lift operation are running smoothly. The problem will arise when the Reservoir pressure and production rate have declined. Specially for dual string operation with different liquid level, and gas lift wells in one platform but have different Casing head pressure, gas robbing can not be avoided. The gas will easily enter to the lowest pressure well. For all problems, MG technology give the solutions, as follows: 1. Smart Orifice A Gas Lift valve with ventury and diffuser device at the nose (bottom cap). The function of ventury seat is to increase the gas injection rate even with small differential pressure between casing and tubing pressure. It also gets more stable rate event fluctuation in the tubing pressure. While the diffuser to get laminar flow with small bubble gas. 2. Smart Fluid operated GLV -retrievable – FGR FGR is a wireline retrievable production pressure operated (PPO) gas lift valve with dome pressure and top latch. This valve is developed to overcome low gas lift supply pressure. 3. Smart Dual String GLV It was developed due to some dual string gas lift wells got robbing. Generally gas robbing is happen due to different tubing pressure at both string and the gas goes to the lowest tubing pressure. The Gas Lift Valve is answer to solve this robbing problem. This valve can be used as orifice which maintain casing pressure avoid robbing. 4. Modified Gas Lift Packoff It was developed to overcome point injection problem due to changes of reservoir pressure and fluid properties.
  1. Location     :  Energi Mega Persada Offices-Bakrie Tower 23rd Floor, Rasuna Epicentrum Jl. Rasuna Said, South Jakarta
  2. Region        :  Jakarta
  3. Instructors  :  Gatot Widianoko
  4. Duration      :  2 Hours
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